Episode 162: Getting Your S Together

Episode 162: Getting Your S Together article-letterman-top-10-lineup-0520

This week, we might just have the most important idea ever to save Netflix — not that they need it.

We’re also talking about David Letterman’s final show, The season one finale of The Flash and how it compared to The Arrow’s finale. Plus a healthy dose of all the TV news you could use. It all starts now on The Channel Surfers Podcast.

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Episode 161: Thanks Dave

letterman copyEpisode 161: Thanks Dave

This week we bid adieu to both David Letterman and Mad Men. We review the Mad Men finale as well as the legacy Letterman leaves behind. We also dive into the new Fox summer mini series Wayward Pines and the season ender of Scandal — we are so done. Plus how did our little gem Jane the Virgin end? We’ll take a look. Plus all the week’s TV news.

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Episode 160: We Did a Show

Episode 160: We Did a ShowEpisode 160

This week we’re picking apart the network upfront events and news. What’s been cancelled and what does the new stuff look like?

Plus we put an end to Revenge in their series finale. And we review the new Netflix show from Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin: Grace and Frankie. And a quick recap of the HBO/BBC show Casual Vacancy.

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Episode 159: May the Lanai Be with You

ggs5-18Episode 159: May the Lanai Be with You

This week the lanai strikes back! We’re diving in on the May the 4th and while we don’t really have a plan, it’s still one heck of a great show this week. Call it The Channel Surfers freestyle. We’re like the jazz players of podcasts.

Footnote, some adult language in this episode. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Episode 158: Goodnight McDreamy

Episode 158: Goodnight McDreamy

This week we’re talking about the death of McDreamy on Grey’s Anatomy. The McDreamyfans have revolted and this leads us to a greater discussion about death as a storytelling technique on prime time TV shows. We’re also back with Orphan Black on BBCAmerica. We checkin on the newish Netflix UK comedy: Scrotal Recall (yes you read that right) and another UK comedy Pompidou that we couldn’t make any sense of. And finally, the great Lip Sync Battle on Spike TV.

Read all about it here: http://thechannelsurfers.com

PS. The article we mentioned through the death on TV segment can be found here: http://www.avclub.com/article/shonda-rhimes-showrunner-who-cried-wolf-218512?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=LinkPreview:1:Default

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Episode 157: The Giver

UnknownEpisode 157: The Giver

This week we dive into the new Daredevil show over on Netflix. Spoiler, we love this show. We’re looking at the new seasons of VEEP and Silicon Valley over on HBO and we’ll try and fix what’s wrong with the new FX show The Comedians.

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Episode 156: Roger’s Mustache

Episode 156: Roger’s Mustache

This week we’re back with the final episodes of Mad Men, how will they end? Rogers mustachePlus Netflix has brought back Inspector Gadget — how will it hold up? We’ll also review HBO’s Going Clear and NBC’s American Odyssey. Plus we’ll take a moment to check in with a few of our regulars.

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Episode 155: The Walking Brett


Episode 155: The Walking Brett

This week we have a big announcement from Brett regarding The Walking Dead. Could this change the fate of the The Channel Surfers?

Plus we’ll review another zombie show on the CW, iZombie. We’ll also talk about the record breaking finale of Empire and the new Netflix show Bloodline and how did young James Cordon do as the new host on the Late Late show?

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Episode 154: Selfie Stick

Selfie StickEpisode 154: Selfie Stick

This week we dive into the adorable and enjoyable Kimmy Schmit on Netflix while we conclude the third season of House of Cards. Plus Fred makes a sad face over the return of Community. We learn more about The Jinx and how is the teevee in Dubai?

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Episode 153: Yeast, Yeast Baby

House-TCS-153Episode 153: Yeast, Yeast Baby

So much show!!! We have nine new shows to review this week. We are chock-o-block full of good stuff! We’re binging on a new season of House of Cards, waving goodbye to the final season of Parks & Rec. We’ll talk about the season finale of Agent Carter, and ponder “what happened” on How to Get Away with Murder? Plus we’ll review Battle Creek on CBS, Secrets and Lies, tease the new season of Broadchurch, check out he gimmicks on Modern Family and finally, end with Last Man on Earth.

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