Episode 132: You’re The Drunk

Golden Girl beer cozyEpisode 132: You’re The Drunk

This week we have so much stuff to cover that we do it all so subtly. We’re reviewing a few new shows on NBC, Welcome to Sweden, Working the Engels, and Brooklyn Taxi. Plus a full review of the Emmy nominations.

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Episode: 131 The Wing Man

vicious1Episode: 131 The Wing Man

This week we go to a party!  Plus we review True Blood, Vicious, The Leftover on HBO and we talk the season finale of Orphan Black.

All this plus the week’s news! Spoiler: Community is coming back!

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Episode 130: A Full English

Almost Royal Episode 130: A Full English

This week we’re going all British. We’re wrapping the finale of Game of Thrones, checking out the new comedy/reality show Almost Royal, checking out the debut of series 3 of Rev and we’re wrapping it up with David tennant’s The Escape Artist on PBS and The Musketeers on BBC America.

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Episode 129: Sexy Doctor Show

photo1 Episode 129: Sexy Doctor Show

This week Fred reveals his favorite show — as Brett quivers with anticipation!

We’re diving into the new TVLand show (that feels more like a Fox show) Jennifer Falls. Fred takes on season 2 of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, Brett is Playing House on USA, and Fred respects the fact that VEEP is a show on HBO.

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Episode 128: Unwatchable

ann-b-davis-diesEpisode 128: Unwatchable

This week we spend some time looking back on the career of Anne B. Davis best known as Alice on The Brady Bunch. We’re also reviewing the new AMC show Halt and Catch Fire, NBC’s attempt at a pirate show, and a weak comedy Undatable. We question Fox’s I Want to Marry Harry, but we enjoyed the odd ball Sing Your Face Off. Plus how did HBO’s Silicon Valley finish up?

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Episode 127: NCIS Scott Backula

scott-bakula-on-ncisEpisode 127: NCIS Scott Backula

This week we’re back after a long hiatus. We’re looking over what has been cancelled and renewed for the new fall 2014 season. We’re also review the season finales of Arrow and Shield, plus we’re checking out the return of 24 and Orphan Black. We’re also check out new shows Penny Dreadful and The Maya Rudolf Variety Show on NBC.

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Episode 126: Via Satellite

Huntley_Brinkley_Report_NBC_News_1963Episode 126: Via Satellite

This week an old friend comes back in the form of John Oliver as he debuts the new show Last Week Tonight on HBO. While we debate it, we love it. Parks and Rec has their season finale with a crazy ending. Plus we review the Save Our Shows lineup for 2014.

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Episode 125: Weird S

patrick-stewart-ian-mckellen-bromance-tourist-nyc-twitter-ftrEpisode 125: Weird S

This week the guys look at the new FX mini series Fargo. How does it compare to the original? Plus the never ending debate over spoilers and who owns the answer? Will we see a season 6 of Community? We review their season 5 finale. And we end on Scandal… sort of.

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Episode 124: The Lanai

golden-girls-8-660Episode 124: The Lanai

This week the guys take the show on location, sort of. It’s the backyard show on Brett’s back deck or lanai for the purpose of this show.

We’re reviewing the new season opener of Mad Men, HBO’s Silicon Valley and the new Hulu show Deadbeat. Plus we devote some time to Stephen Colbert.

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Episode 123: French Horn



Episode 123: French Horn


This week the guys worry about the future of David Letterman’s show and who will be the next host. We are still recovering from the finale of How I Met Your Mother. Plus a review of The 100 on The CW and Surviving Frank on Fox.


Joins us now for The Channel Surfers Podcast!


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