Episode 153: Yeast, Yeast Baby

House-TCS-153Episode 153: Yeast, Yeast Baby

So much show!!! We have nine new shows to review this week. We are chock-o-block full of good stuff! We’re binging on a new season of House of Cards, waving goodbye to the final season of Parks & Rec. We’ll talk about the season finale of Agent Carter, and ponder “what happened” on How to Get Away with Murder? Plus we’ll review Battle Creek on CBS, Secrets and Lies, tease the new season of Broadchurch, check out he gimmicks on Modern Family and finally, end with Last Man on Earth.

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Episode 152: Curses!

the-odd-coupleEpisode 152: Curses!

This week we’re diving into the Oscars as a television event. How is it that every host seems to be cursed now? Plus we’ll review Mathew Perry’s new version of The Odd Couple on CBS which followed the series finale of Two and a Half Men (and not a moment too soon). Plus we’ll review the mini series The Casual Vacancy adapted from J.K Rowling’s book.

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Episode 151: The Hot Toddy

HotToddy-recipeEpisode 151: The Hot Toddy
This week on The Channel Surfers mess-about… We’re diving into 40 years of SNL and their super special, special. Fred takes The Slap, we finally check in on Scandal and hows Amazon’s Bosch? All that and more as we sample all the good stuff and the magic box and more! Plus a special recipe for Hot Toddy!

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Episode 150: Better Call Fred

Jon Stewart and Brian WilliamsEpisode 150: Better Call Fred

This week we cover a lot of breaking TV news. Jon Stewart announces he’s leaving the Daily Show and Brian Williams is off the anchor desk for six months. Plus we talk about Better Call Saul, the AMC spinoff of Breaking Bad, Fred tries out the new Sling TV and we review the NBC show Allegiance.

All starting now on The Channel Surfers Podcast. #SaveBrianWilliams

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Episode 149: Dazed Birds

IMG_0189Episode 149: Dazed Birds

This week we’re looking at two new shows from Russell T. Davies airing on UK Channel 4. We dive back into Glee for their final season and we’re depressed about the Super Bowl ads. Plus we take a few side trips to recast The Golden Girls and save the birds.

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Episode 148: Sugar Machine

imgur-5nCa16kEpisode 148: Sugar Machine

This week Fred has a remote broadcast while we prepare for the blizzard of 2015. We’re checking out Larry Wilmore’s new show on Comedy Central “The Nightly Show.” We’ll review Backstrum the new Rain Wilson show on Fox, the final season of Parks and Rec, it’s pilot season on Amazon, we’ll see if anything is worth your while.

All that and more this week on The Channel Surfers podcast.

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Episode 147: Flaming Logic

logicEpisode 147: Flaming Logic

This week we use our brilliant logic to beat The Fish Nerds on their podcast (check it out on iTunes). On this episode we’re picking apart the golden Globes, reviewing the brilliant Agent Carter, taking a page from Empire on Fox, looking back on Hindsight on VH1 and we’re reviewing the new season of Broadchurch. Plus we’ll dive into the trifecta of shows on HBO: Togetherness, Girls, and Looking.

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Episode 146: The Flaming Duck

The Flaming DuckEpisode 146: The Flaming Duck

This week we celebrate the new year by diving into the new musical farce on ABC, Galavant! We also dive into Downton Abbey now that season 5 has made its American debut. Fred has stared the unlimited stream of Freinds on Netflix. How does it hold up? And we conclude with the series finale of Selfie. How did they end things?

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Episode 145: The Flaming Chestnuts

BingEpisode 145: The Flaming Chestnuts

This week we’re celebrating our holiday-facular with our end of the year review show! We’re locked away in our snowbound cabin reviewing the best, worst and our “mentionables” of 2014. We offer up two very conflicting lists on what we though was the best of TV in 2014. Plus what are we looking forward to in 2015?

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Episode 144: Freudenshade

HODAEpisode 144: Freudenshade

This week we’re reviewing the Golden Globe nominations, could this be House of Cards’ year? The Newsroom has come to an end, are we satisfied? Gracepoint has ended and Fox has decided not to renew, did their end differ enough from Broadchurch? Fred reviews Netflix’s new Marco Polo show and Bravo’s The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce.

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