Episode 142: #BrettWatchesScandal

scandalTCS2Episode 142: #BrettWatchesScandal

This week we make our return after our fall break. We’re tackling Scandal, and the return of The Newsroom on HBO. Plus how exactly do we feel about the end of Doctor Who’s series 8? And we’ll review the ok McCarthy’s on CBS. That and a quick review of what’s been cancelled so far this season.

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Episode 141: Wonder Twin Powers Activate

Wonder_TwinsEpisode 141: Wonder Twin Powers Activate

This week on The Channel Surfers podcast, we’re dissecting the rom-com sitcom. Why do we seem to have so many of them these days? They never last so how are the current batch doing?

Plus, when will NBC ever learn? And a new segment from Fred: “I could not have been more wrong.” Plus our long awaited Scandal review. That and Jane the Virgin.

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Episode 140: Peaky Blinders

IMG_4104Episode 140: Peaky Blinders

This week we’re talking about David Tennant’s American version of Broadchurch – Gracepoint. Does it stand on its own or is it just a watered down Broadchurch? How’s young John Mulaney getting on with his new sitcom? We dive back in with Arrow. We’re checking out a new BBC/Netflix show Peaky Blinders. We’ll get intimate with Showtime’s The Affair and we’ll wrap things up with Celebrity Name Game from Craig Ferguson.

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Episode 139: Smutty Deliberations

Mr Carson scowllingEpisode 139: Smutty Deliberations

This week we continue our multi-part fall preview series with ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder, Blackish, Downton Abbey’s 5th series, the terribly bad Family Guy and Simpsons crossover event, Amazon’s Transparent and we finish off with SNL’s 40th season debut.

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Episode 138: That’s My Pardo

hqdefaultEpisode 138: That’s My Pardo

This week the new fall season kicks off and we’ve got more reviews of the network’s newest offerings. We’ll see how Madam Secretary fits into the CBS mold, how does Scorpion take on adventure. Will NCIS New Orleans match the big shoes of NCIS? And just how bad are the Mysteries of Laura? So bad we’re not even going to tease it… it’s just really bad (no seriously like the worst thing we’ve ever forced ourselves to watch). Plus a quick review of The Roosevelt’s and a jab at Downton Abbey.

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Episode 137: New shoes

Muppets-Take-Manhattan_320Episode 137: New shoes

This week we’re gearing up for the fall 2014 new season of TeeVee shows. We’re revieing The Flash, Selfie, Red Band Society, and Forever. We’ll also update our fall grid of what’s on when…

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Episode 136: Attack Eyebrows

Attack eyebrowsEpisode 136: Attack Eyebrows

In a very special edition of The Channel Surfers Podcast we’re taking an in-depth look at The Emmy awards. We then take a look at Peter Capaldi’s debut of the 12th Doctor in the new series 8 of Doctor Who. The man loves to use his hand, while poor Clara is just a plot device and not enough of a character.

We also reviewed Intruders, the finale of True Blood, the premiere of Happy Valley (Netflix), and comedy Bo Jack Horseman (Netflix).

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Episode 135: #CapaldiEyes

Capaldi eyesEpisode 135: #CapaldiEyes

This week we’re taking sometime to talk about the legacy of Robin Williams and what he meant to us growing up. We prepare ourselves for series eight of Doctor Who hot on the heels of news that Jenna is expected to leave. We’re also diving in early to the fall season with NBC’s new romantic comedy A to Z. We wrap things up with a yawn induced review of Starz’s new book to TV series The Outlander.

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Episode 134: Bane 2 Bane

PinkyBane_500_071012Episode 134: Bane 2 Bane

This week we introduce Bane 2 Bane! We’re talking about Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammar’s new comedy on FX, Partners (yes it’s as bad as you’d think). We’re back in time with Clive Owen at The Knick. We’re going outside with Bear Gryhlls and his celebrity friends in Running Wild and we conclude with a couple of honorable mentions.

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Episode 133: I’m Amish and I’m Sexy

Sexy-Amish-ViggoEpisode 133: I’m Amish and I’m Sexy

This week on the long anticipated return of The Channel Surfers Podcast, we’re talking about Brett’s work with the CDC, the return of The Killing on Netflix. Two new FX comedies Married and You’e The Worst — how do they rate? And we conclude with Tyrant and a new feature called: What’s Fred Watching Now?


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