The Channel Surfers: Episode TTFN

TCS_TTFNThe Channel Surfers: Episode TTFN

This week we explain our long lost absence. We’re taking a not-quite-final bow, but before we do a few lasting reviews of Fuller House, House of Card, the end of Downton and TWO show recommendations for our next lengthy drought.

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Episode 180: The Fred Awakens

Episode 180: The Fred Awakens A-Golden-Girls-Christmas

This week we’re trapped in our snow bound cabin in the woods! While the snow is falling we recap 2015 and the year of television. From The Americans to The Wiz, we’re covering it all as we play out our personal favorites for the year. And why in 2015 did we talk more about the Golden Girls than any other year?

All this and more on The Channel Surfers Holiday Extravaganza!

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Episode 179: A Very Fred Christmas

MV5BMTY3MDI2NjAzMl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDY4NDgyNzE@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL_Episode 179: A Very Fred Christmas

This week, we’re wrapping ourselves up in the beauty that is The Wiz. We dive deep into the Bill Murray Netflix Christmas special. We’re take on the epic Flash/Arrow cross over and we revisit Jessica Jones to issue a public apology. And we’ll finish up Doctor Who as series 9 concludes.

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Episode 178: Turtle in a Box

Episode 178: Turtle in a Box Turtle in a briefcase

This week we dive right into Jessica Jones and question some of our favorite critics’ judgement. We also go back to Man in the High Castle the Amazon Prime show. It’s been getting a lot of buzz in the last week so we go back to see what we’re missing. Plus a mission like no other to watch Doctor Who!

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Episode 177: Controversy

TCS-177_FredArtEpisode 177: Controversy

This week we dive into the joy that is Aziz Ansari’s Master of None. We both feel this is a beautiful piece of work that truly nails the voice of the Oregon Trail generation.

Plus a review of the latest season of South Park and a messy SNL and more. Now streaming at

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Episode 176: Making Tacos

Super-SurfersEpisode 176: Making Tacos

This week on The Channel surfers, Fred is making a taco soup, but he’s not sharing. More importantly, Supergirl has flown her way into Brett’s heart. Metaphorically, because realistically that would be very, very, bad. On the other side of that coin, Fred is not happy with the flaws he sees in an otherwise perfect show (guess who’s writing the weekly round up).

Plus a look at the bigger DC Universe on the TV and a quick depressing ride on the Scandal train and an overall meh feeling with the fall’s offerings. And a lesson on Daylight Savings Time. All that and more on this week’s edition of The Channel Surfers podcast.

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Episode 175: Come Hangout

muppets-disneyEpisode 175: Come Hangout

This week, or rather last week, we’re reviewing The Muppets, a quick look back again on Heroes, an update on Weekend Update and a geek out over The Gilmore Girls. Season 2 of Fargo and so much more.

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Episode 174: Bowtie of the Month Club

The-GrinderEpisode 174: Bowtie of the Month Club

This week we’re back with our fall debut! A new season means a new batch of network shows to pick from. On this episode, we’re reviewing NBC’s Blindspot, The Player, and the return of Heros. ABC’s Quantico and Blood and Oil. Then over on Fox we’re enjoying The Grinder, but have much to be desired on Minority Report and Grandfathered. We’ll conclude with a quick recap of The Flash and Arrow.

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Episode 173: FJP:POA

Veep_SelinaEpisode 173: FJP:POA

This week we’re kicking off a new fall season of television with the 2015 Emmy awards. Then we slide right into the new series of Doctor Who. When we declare that the first episode makes up for all of series 8.

Next up we dive into the new season of The Mindy Project now on Hulu. Fred reviews the Hand of God on Amazon and the insulting Bastard Executioner on FX.

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Episode 172: The Golden Guys

goldenGuysEpisode 172: The Golden Guys

Picture it! 30 Years ago today, The Golden Girls debuted on our television screens. We take a moment to reflect on why it is still the most progressive show on TV and why it’s a classic that holds up. And which Golden Girl are YOU? We take a special quiz to find our inner GG.

Plus we’ll review the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. We’ll look over the fall schedule to let you know what’s in this month.

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