Episode 125: Weird S

patrick-stewart-ian-mckellen-bromance-tourist-nyc-twitter-ftrEpisode 125: Weird S

This week the guys look at the new FX mini series Fargo. How does it compare to the original? Plus the never ending debate over spoilers and who owns the answer? Will we see a season 6 of Community? We review their season 5 finale. And we end on Scandal… sort of.

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Episode 124: The Lanai

golden-girls-8-660Episode 124: The Lanai

This week the guys take the show on location, sort of. It’s the backyard show on Brett’s back deck or lanai for the purpose of this show.

We’re reviewing the new season opener of Mad Men, HBO’s Silicon Valley and the new Hulu show Deadbeat. Plus we devote some time to Stephen Colbert.

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Episode 123: French Horn



Episode 123: French Horn


This week the guys worry about the future of David Letterman’s show and who will be the next host. We are still recovering from the finale of How I Met Your Mother. Plus a review of The 100 on The CW and Surviving Frank on Fox.


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Episode 122: Well rested

Invitation to an InquestEpisode 122: Well rested

This week we’re recovering from the major change over at The Good Wife, was it the right call or jumping the shark? Plus we’ll disect the season finale of Girls on HBO. What’s Alec Baldwin doing on Law & Order: SVU? And have you broken up with any shows, we have… We’ll review. And we wrap it all up with an apology.

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Episode 121: Buzz Feed



Episode 121: Buzz Feed


We’re awake despite the bore that is the show Crisis on NBC and the equally useless Mind Games on ABC. We’re a bit more lively with the UK show Fresh Meat streaming on Hulu, but we’re really excited about a re-review of @Midnight. Plus an update on the season of change over at The Good Wife. All this plus an education on how to be a tea snob and the week’s TV news.


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Episode 120: Billions and billions

review-with-forrest-macneil-0445-e1394135744986Episode 120: Billions and billions

This week we’re reviewing the finale of True Detective, in spoiler free mode. We’ll check out the new shows Believe and Resurrection. We take the beautifully produced Cosmos starring Neil deGrasse Tyson. And we’ll talk about the slow death of How I met Your Mother and we’ll finish on the Comedy Central show Review.

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Episode 119: Award Winning

Ellen OscarsEpisode 119: Award Winning

This week we’re Oscar bound as we review the very social savvy Academy Awards. Fred warns us about the ABC show Mixology. We’re wondering what has gone wrong on Weekend Update. We’ll talk tech as we review Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku, and the big finish, a series 2 review of House of Cards. Be warned we’re talking about the whole series at the end of the episode.

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Episode 118: #BrettOnTV

really-seth-and-amyEpisode 118: #BrettOnTV

This week we’re talking about the debut of the Seth Myers owned Late Night on NBC. We’ll tackle two new comedies on NBC; About a Boy and Growing up Fisher. Plus the series 4 finale of Downton Abbey.

All that plus the week’s TV news.

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Episode 117: Face Time

Episode 117This week we’re doing the show via Facetime becuase of the SNOW!!!
We’re reviewing the new season of House of Cards, the HBO show True Detective and of course the debut of new Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. All this and TV news starting right now on The Channel Surfers Podcast.

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Episode 116: Headphone free



Episode 116: Headphone free


This week we battle the plague to bring you our reviews of Amazon Prime’s new pilot season. We bid farewell to Jay Leno. Recap the end of Sherlock, and prep for Fleming and Musketeers.


All that plus the week’s TV news.


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