Episode 171: Head

hurricane_FREDEpisode 171: Head

This week Fred takes a break from his hurricane activities to tell us about the new Netflix show Narcos following the activity of Pablo Escobar. We’re also taking a look back at FX’s Fargo now that the first season lives on Hulu. Plus we’ll check in on BBCAmerica’s The Doctor’s Finest Doctor Who specials and reviewing this summer of TV. What worked and what didn’t?

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Episode 170: Hepburn to Hepburn

Fear-the-FredEpisode 170: Hepburn to Hepburn

This week we’re diving into the new spin off Fear the Walking Dead. Does it hold up? Plus Amazon has its new season of pilots; Casanova and Sneaky Pete. We’ll see which one you should vote for. And we’ll meet Kevin from Work and travel back in time to Dynasty. Does it hold up?

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Episode 169: Fire and Ice

Podcasting by candleEpisode 169: Fire and Ice

This week we’re back with a summer view. Broadcasting on the lawn! We’re looking back over Jon Stewart’s run on The Daily Show, we’ll review the Hulu original Difficult People, and we’ll try out the Wet Hot American Summer. Plus a look at Mr. Robinson on NBC, Hinterland on Netflix. And we finish off with the endings of on Luke on General Hospital and cancellation of Melissa and Joey.

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Episode 168: Big Funny

Episode 168: Big Funnyjim_gaffigan_show_fat

This week we’re reviewing the Emmy nominations. Are there any surprises? Plus we review the new show following Caitlyn Jenner: I am Cait. We’ll also review two new TVLand shows The Jim Gaffigan Show and Impastor.

Plus we go back to check up on Sense 8 on Netflix.

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Episode 167: The Magic Mike of Podcasts

At the MoviesEpisode 167: The Magic Mike of Podcasts

This week we’re messing with the system as we let The Movie Surfers (still us) take over and review the summer blockbusters. Let’s face it, there’s nothing good on TV so let’s all go to the movies! Fear not though, we still review Comic Con 2015 and all the TV news.

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Episode 166: Saucy One

7_new-vintage-style copyEpisode 166: Saucy One

This week we review the new Comedy Central show Another Period. We’ll dive into the AMC show Humans, USA’s Mr. Robot, Amazon’s comedy Catastrophe and we check in on Jonathan Strange, and Hulu’s Seinfeld reruns. All that and a little Maude and a little Madam.

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Episode 165: Trough of Underpants

Episode 165: Trough of Underpants 

Orphan is the New Black Courtesy: http://sharksplode.com/comic/orphan-is-the-new-black/

This week we look into the new season of True Detective — or as we’re calling it, truer detective. We also round out the new HBO Sunday’s with Ballers from Dwayne Johnson and The Brink. Brett took the new Lifetime movie starring Will Ferrell and Kristin Wig. And after finishing the newest season of Orphan Black and Orange is the New Black, Fred has a thought.

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The Channel Surfers – Episode 164: Jibber Jabber

Episode 164: Jibber Jabber Fred Puff n Stuff

So much to get to! This week we’re jumping into the new season of Orange is the New Black. We’re trying to figure out Netflix’s Sense 8. We fall in love with Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell on BBC America and we finish off Game of Thrones, Veep and Silicon Valley on HBO. All this and the promise of more AND Fred Based Art! Listen here now:

Episode 163: This Will Last About an Hour

Episode 163: This Will Last About an HourEpsidoe 163

It’s time for summer shows! We’re starting on NBC with the David Duchovny thriller Aquarius and it’s unique offerings. Then we wander over to AMC for another time capsule show — Halt and Catch Fire season 2. Then we fire up Netflix for Between, a show about adults dying in a small town where the kids are left to survive. And we take one more review of Scrotum Recall this time from Fred’s perspective. Was it as bad as Brett said? We’ll debate!

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Episode 162: Getting Your S Together

Episode 162: Getting Your S Together article-letterman-top-10-lineup-0520

This week, we might just have the most important idea ever to save Netflix — not that they need it.

We’re also talking about David Letterman’s final show, The season one finale of The Flash and how it compared to The Arrow’s finale. Plus a healthy dose of all the TV news you could use. It all starts now on The Channel Surfers Podcast.

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